[OpenIndiana-discuss] Automatic reboots

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Thu Oct 11 21:15:00 UTC 2012

2012-10-12 0:48, Michelle Knight пишет:
> A bit more on the ZFS version issue which I can't figure out...
> mich at jaguar:~# zpool upgrade -V 15 data
> This system supports ZFS pool feature flags.
> Pool 'data' is already formatted using more current version '28'.
> mich at jaguar:~# zfs get version data
> data  version   5        -
> mich at jaguar:~#

Regarding this part: there are zpool version and zfs version
(IIRC defined for filesystem datasets, including a pool's
root dataset which has the same name as the pool), and these
are different concepts. I believe ZFSv5 is indeed the most
recent one.

As for sporadic reboots - did you rule out overheating
(thermal grease dries up, radiators get clogged with dust),
inadequate power-source (they do get old and lose output
levels), rusty/oxydized connectors (plug things out and
back in), and other such hardware aspects?


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