[OpenIndiana-discuss] Memory usage concern

Roel_D openindiana at out-side.nl
Fri Oct 12 16:32:54 UTC 2012

Hmz, i'm running multiple windows 2003 servers within virtualbox running on Solaris 10 hosts. Some windows servers are online for almost a year now. 

The VHD's are stored on a Zfs mirror and i never had any out-of-memory errors. 

The solaris servers also serve glassfish, mysqlcluster and many, many more services from zones. 

Running out of memory can imho only be caused by a programmingerror in the virtualbox version. 

Zfs will not  cause an out-of-memory

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The out-side

Op 12 okt. 2012 om 18:13 heeft "Udo Grabowski (IMK)" <udo.grabowski at kit.edu> het volgende geschreven:

> On 12/10/2012 16:10, Heinrich van Riel wrote:
>> My concern is as follow, when I 1st start the system and VMs there is 8GB
>> of free memory. This number keeps decreasing by about 300MB every 10 hours.
>> OI - 10GB max allocated to ZFS ARC (only setting change from default
>> install)
>> ....
>> At the current rate there will be no memory free in 10 days.
>> Am I concerned for no reason?
> This can impact your other work to do on that machine severely.
> However, if that is only a fileserver, ZFS will manage to keep
> some memory available so that the machine will not swap if
> nothing else interferes. Insofar Damians comments on unused
> RAM are correct. But if you know you need space for something
> else often, see my remedies for this problem in this thread:
> <http://openindiana.org/pipermail/openindiana-discuss/2012-September/009788.html>
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