[OpenIndiana-discuss] Automatic reboots

Roel_D openindiana at out-side.nl
Sun Oct 14 09:18:52 UTC 2012

HP N40L 
Runs every OI version out of the box. 
Although it has a ventilator....

Kind regards, 

The out-side

Op 14 okt. 2012 om 08:14 heeft Michelle Knight <michelle at msknight.com> het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Folks,
> Just to give closure, it seems to have been the PSU.  
> The system has been up for about 36 hours, done three core data backups
> to external drives, so I'm happy that it was a power supply issue.
> As a result of this (I'd been thinking of this anyway) I'd like to move
> the OI installation to a low power motherboard.  (so no fans, dust
> free, etc.)
> After the Marvel/Rocket chipset/driver issue on the Esata card, and the
> long history with Intel graphics chipsets, I've been churning over
> various low power MBs and haven't managed to settle on anything
> because of my lack of knowledge of OI drivers ... and mobos to my spec
> are, shall we say, not exactly easy to find anyway; let alone one that
> will work with OI!
> I'd be grateful for any suggestions for low power mb/processor systems
> that can meet these requirements, which OI will work happily with
> please...
> *) Processor power, not that high as no encryption/compression in use.
> Just straightforward file serving to a domestic household ... media
> delivered to a TV, etc.
> *) RAM - 4 minimum for ZFS, 8 if possible.
> *) SATA - 5 internal, 2 external  (I can get away with 1 external)
> *) Graphics - only the basics required for the standard GUI.
> *) Network - one port, preferably gigabit.
> My current green hard drives peak at 61W start up, so leaves a good 59W
> for a low power mobo to peak.
> Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
> Michelle.
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