[OpenIndiana-discuss] Automatic reboots

Michelle Knight michelle at msknight.com
Sun Oct 14 06:14:56 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

Just to give closure, it seems to have been the PSU.  

The system has been up for about 36 hours, done three core data backups
to external drives, so I'm happy that it was a power supply issue.

As a result of this (I'd been thinking of this anyway) I'd like to move
the OI installation to a low power motherboard.  (so no fans, dust
free, etc.)

After the Marvel/Rocket chipset/driver issue on the Esata card, and the
long history with Intel graphics chipsets, I've been churning over
various low power MBs and haven't managed to settle on anything
because of my lack of knowledge of OI drivers ... and mobos to my spec
are, shall we say, not exactly easy to find anyway; let alone one that
will work with OI!

I'd be grateful for any suggestions for low power mb/processor systems
that can meet these requirements, which OI will work happily with

*) Processor power, not that high as no encryption/compression in use.
Just straightforward file serving to a domestic household ... media
delivered to a TV, etc.

*) RAM - 4 minimum for ZFS, 8 if possible.

*) SATA - 5 internal, 2 external  (I can get away with 1 external)

*) Graphics - only the basics required for the standard GUI.

*) Network - one port, preferably gigabit.

My current green hard drives peak at 61W start up, so leaves a good 59W
for a low power mobo to peak.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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