[OpenIndiana-discuss] Creating and booting a zone within oi_151a: problem with filesystem error

Julien Peeters jj.peeters at gmail.com
Sun Oct 14 21:21:04 UTC 2012

Hi Jim and Roel,

I upgraded OpenIndiana GZ to 151a7 (my version was 151a) and I created 
the LZ again. The problem looks to go away.

Thank you for your help.


On 14/10/12 18:40 , Jim Klimov wrote:
> 2012-10-14 17:59, Julien Peeters wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> When I ran the commands you gave me, I had a core dump error.
>> # zlogin -S websrv
>> [Connected to zone 'websrv' pts/4]
>> @websrv:~$ id
>> uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
>> @websrv:~$ zfs mount -a
>> Memory fault(coredump)
>> @websrv:~$ zfs list
>> Memory fault(coredump)
>> ...
>> I don't understand where the problem comes from... Any other idea?
> I've seen similar things with LiveUpgrades on Sol10 and SXCE,
> when zfs programs in local zones were not updated and go out
> of sync with the actually used kernel. But from the looks of
> your system, it is a fresh install and all components should
> match. Just in case, does the coredump happen as well if you
> "zlogin zonename" (without -S) - if that ever lets you in at
> this stage in zone bootup?
> Also, try to run a recursive grep to compare files in /usr
> and /lib of the zone root filesystem and those in the rootfs.
> Perhaps some corruption of the binaries got in during/after
> installation... any funny messages while installing that zone?
> Finally, I believe your system has sufficient RAM+swap and
> other resources, and no resource capping is enabled - so we
> can rule real memory faults out?
> HTH,
> //Jim
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