[OpenIndiana-discuss] KVM and Xen support in OpenIndiana

Jonathan Adams t12nslookup at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 15:31:07 UTC 2012

>> 3D support from guest additions on Vbox. Not sure that the vmgl stuff will
>> work on OI for KVM.

from what I've seen of the working systems ... I don't believe it
will, I connect in with rdesktop and VNC to the Windows server, but
the graphics doesn't feel accelerated.

> Does OpenIndiana's KVM support hi-def host-audio output?

Again, I don't believe so ... but others might prove me wrong.

KVM does what I need it to, and can quite happily handle 10
rdesktop'ed users running the Accounts system (that is using a Linux
Pervasive SQL database engine in another KVM instance) quite happily,
without them realising that they are on a virtualised machine.

I wouldn't use it for playing games, and I'm not sure what the audio
output would be since we don't like the accounts dept enough to give
them that ;-P but it's significantly better than the old Windows 2003
server on non-virtualised hardware.


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