[OpenIndiana-discuss] usb audio

Andrey N. Oktyabrski ano at bestmx.ru
Wed Oct 17 05:42:50 UTC 2012

On 10/17/2012 12:15 AM, Udo Grabowski (IMK) wrote:
>> May be another driver must be loaded? Such as usb_as. I do not see it in
>> the modinfo output.
> It looks like both must be loaded, usb_as lies below usb_ac,
> which is the control interface for user applications.
> But these drivers will only work (and load automatically) if
> the device complies to the USB audio class specification, which
> should be seen in prtconf -v as either usbif,class1.1 or
> usbif,class1.2 for your device. If not, you need a proprietary
> driver for that specific gadget.
:-) No, that specific gadget sounds very good under Linux, FreeBSD and 
DragonFly without proprietary driver. I think, I must give any hint to OI...

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