[OpenIndiana-discuss] Same networking with varied NICs

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Sat Oct 20 14:22:37 UTC 2012

I really wonder how DTrace can help here - what should I track? ;)

2012-10-20 18:07, Michael Stapleton wrote:
> IPMP does not have to be configured with test addresses. IPMP will uses
> "Link based" by default if your NIC drivers support link state
> notification.
> The documentation really needs work... I think the documentation shows
> examples of "Probe based" because it is much more difficult to configure
> than "Link based".
> Simply add the interfaces to the same IPMP group. Done..

Yes, thanks. Today I stumbled upon this nice post about "simple
IPMP setup" without active probing, might help me. I wonder why
these are not wrapped in dladm management ;)


And these are examples of "complicated setup" with active probing
which I was reluctant to do, from Joerg Moellenkamp's excellent


> But, IPMP is really about uptime, not band width. If you want to use
> multiple interfaces, they all need IP addresses. They just do not have
> to have "Test" addresses.
> To use Aggregations, your switch and device drivers must support it.
> I think your NIC drivers have to be GLDv3 compliant.

In fact, as per my original post, I don't exactly need IPMP nor
LACP for my case. My laptop has a single wired NIC which can be
represented by different drivers, one at a time. I want to make
switching between these simple and transparent to other network
configs on the system (vnics, zones and such).

I plan to try "simple IPMP" and/or vanity naming (i.e. try to
name all of the possible NIC names "net0") and see if that works
later this weekend.

At the moment I still wonder if any of these work while a device
is absent altogether (i.e. when the dual-booted OI is on physical
hardware, it has rge or gani but no e1000g; when it's booted as
a VM, it has e1000g but no rge/gani). I am now concerned that aggr
does not seem to work at all if a component device is missing -
this does seem like a bad bug in architecture or implementation.

//Jim Klimov

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