[OpenIndiana-discuss] ZFS remote receive

Timothy Coalson tsc5yc at mst.edu
Tue Oct 23 22:35:50 UTC 2012

> You could try to set the crypo algorithm to none if you do not need
> encryption.
> ssh -c none ....

If I really needed the extra speed, it would probably be better to spawn a
netcat over ssh so I don't have to modify the target's sshd_config.  I
played with the ciphers and arcfour128 seemed to give a marginal increase
in speed (could be measurement error though).

> Might also be worth trying to see if it is ssh that is slowing you down.

 It probably is ssh, considering the speeds I have seen on local
send/receives.  However, I am happy with 70MB/s for now, since zfs send
effectively eliminates the rsync filesystem walk overhead (which I was
using previously, and it had grown to something like an hour to walk it).

Anyway, enough with me hijacking the topic, back to Sebastian's problem.


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