[OpenIndiana-discuss] Migration to HP N40L

Michelle Knight michelle at msknight.com
Fri Oct 26 18:03:05 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

After much good advice given on my previous queries, I have decided to
purchase an N40L server and migrate to it.

I have a few questions, but first, the set up.

*) The BIOS has been flashed to allow AHCI on the fifth SATA channel.
It is currently running on a Pico 120w power supply.

*) I have only currently fitted the 40Gig SSD system drive, peak is only

*) I am still using the original 2Gig of RAM until I get the system
running properly. (8gig is on its way)

*) The working installation was updated a few weeks ago so it is
a reasonably recent build.

Firstly, the old server (still running) had two 40Gig SSDs for the
rpool. I have broken the set and am using the second one to try and get
the OS running on the N40L in the hope that I can save myself having to
re-install and re-configure.

However, during boot it start to get a small fraction of red line on
the graphical loading bar and then the machine reboots. (I get beyond
the installation history list)

The previous machine was a 64 bit Intel I3; I knew I might be asking a
lot for it to transfer easily to this AMD 64 bit, but nothing ventured
nothing gained.

Secondly, knowing that there are issues with legacy USB preventing
boot, I turned it off on the N40L but then found that after the same
rebooting problem continued, I then couldn't get back in to the BIOS to
turn legacy boot back on again. (I had to re-set the BIOS settings)

So I would like to know what other people have experienced regarding
the legacy USB on the N40L, and also if there are any command line
settings that I can use (assuming that legacy USB is possible) in order
to get the existing installation to work on the N40L please.

Many thanks for any help.


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