[OpenIndiana-discuss] Migration to HP N40L

Michelle Knight michelle at msknight.com
Sat Oct 27 08:25:45 UTC 2012

Well, I've had success doing this with Ubuntu, moving between intel and
amd architectures. I did guess I was pushing my luck with OI, however.

Running with -v and console to text didn't work.

The result was the emoty bar, then it went to a full white bar, and
then instantly rebooted. I saw no text on the screen, and I was
videoing it; nothing displayed.

Guess I'm down to a re-installation.

It was worth a try though!

Still waiting for the RAM ... and the pico power unit failed on me.
Green lights, but won't boot.

Also, I can't revert the BIOS ... the latest BIOS put out by HP is an
exe file that won't run under DOS ... and as I don't have Windows
loaded, I'm sort of stuffed until HP sales (yep, the HP support web
site doesn't recognise N40L, it truncates it to N40 and thinks I have a
Compaq laptop) pass my problem to HP support and I have to hope that my
query gets through to someone who can get me a copy of the latest BIOS
that will load under MS DOS, or else under its own steam from CD or USB.

This is really crap of HP to be doing BIOS updates that are OS

Still, I battle on.

Keep the suggestions coming please ... but I'm now going to get the
latest OI installation and do a re-install.


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