[OpenIndiana-discuss] Gnome and the future

magnus at yonderway.com magnus at yonderway.com
Wed Oct 31 14:26:30 UTC 2012

On Tue, 30 Oct 2012 13:27:59 -0400, låzaro <netadmin at lex-sa.cu> wrote:
> Hi all, as many people don't wanna see, gnome future is like a submarine
> without roof. So, my question. What about make the new gnome's fork as
> default desktop enviroment, just like is making linux mint. OI always
> have the step in the next time. That project look like very good with a
> lot of good toys...

I suspect a lot of this decision is going to fall on whoever actually is
willing to do the work to get it working and maintain it. I'm not there

That said, if there is going to be an overhaul of the DE, might I suggest
Xfce for consideration?

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