[OpenIndiana-discuss] COMSTAR iSCSI fail-over

Florian florian at acw.at
Sun Sep 2 11:39:36 UTC 2012


I have one another question.

We use two equal OI Server with COMSTAR iSCSI devices and we want to 
backup them.
I backup them with zfs send and receive to each other in a backup directory.

Has anyone experience with such a setup and how could I get the best 
disaster recovery with this combination?

My big problem is, that I can't import a received LU. I get the 
following error:
/Error importing stmfadm: meta file error/

With /zfs get stmf_sbd_lu property tank/backup_raid/raid1-0 /I get the 
same data like on the sending side, only source is different.

How can I send the meta file, too?

Is there an other method to import the LU or do I need to create new LU 
with the received block devices?

Best regards

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