[OpenIndiana-discuss] Backup User for zfs send and receive

Florian florian at acw.at
Sun Sep 2 11:03:09 UTC 2012


I want to create a user to do a backup of my OI Server.

I created it with:
useradd -m -d /home/backup -s /bin/bash backup
zfs allow -s @adminrole 
zfs allow backup @adminrole tank

With this user, I can send and receive snapshots, but I usually use 
COMSTAR devices and with them, I get the following problem:
receiving full stream of tank/raid1-0 at 20120831-2017 into 
tank/backup_raid/raid1-0 at 20120831-2017 *cannot receive stmf_sbd_lu 
property on tank/backup_raidreceived 5.01GB stream in 209 seconds 
(24.5MB/sec) : permission denied*

I used this command:
zfs send -R tank/raid1-0 at 20120831-2017 | ssh backup at 
"/usr/sbin/zfs receive -Fduv tank/backup_raid"

My big question is now:
How can I create an user who is able to do a whole zfs send and receive 
backup, with all properties.

This command won't work:
*chmod A+user:marks:add_subdirectory:fd:allow /tank*
This command is listed in the oracle howto to delegate zfs permissions 
to other users.

Best regards,

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