[OpenIndiana-discuss] [discuss] SPARC and Illumos

DavidHalko davidhalko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 4 07:42:12 UTC 2012

Hello All!!!

I was just wondering how this is coming along.

I would like to see OI actually running! (it would not work on my last couple of laptops, so I have been unable to contribute much outside of wikipedia & blog updates.)

I may be able to test on:
- V100
- V120
- V240
- Ultra60

Are we close to the point where OI will boot under SPARC?

I have some commercial SPARC apps I want to try, as well.

This could be the first step to getting commercial isv support on Illumos, if the rest of the userland did not change too much!

Just need a boot cd iso!

Thanks, Dave

> From: ?????? ?????? (Martin Bochnig) <martin at martux.org>
> Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 1:43 AM
> Subject: Re: [discuss] SPARC and Illumos
> To: discuss at lists.illumos.org
> On Fri, Aug 17, 2012 at 12:59 AM, Brad Walker <bwalker at musings.com> wrote:
>> Recently there was some talk about SPARC compatibility.
>> I would like to make sure that Illumos continues to have proper SPARC
>> compatibility and would like to volunteer to make this happen.
>> I'm a long time Sun guy. When I lived in Silicon Valley, I had a 4/280
>> with a Kennedy tape drive and a couple of SMD drives. I just couldn't
>> keep dragging it around when I moved and so it is now been disposed
>> of. Plus, the power bill was getting pretty large.
>> Currently I have an Ultra 10, Sunblade 1000, Sunblade 2500, and a
>> T2000. The Sunblade 2500 is my main home machine. When I need to use a
>> PC, I run SunPCI3. So far this has served me well over the years. The
>> T2000 is a new addition to the family and would like to retire the
>> Sunblade 2500 as I migrate over to the T2000.
>> So I guess you can say, that I've got a few machines that we can use.
>> But, my question is: How do I get started with Illumos?
>> Ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated.
>> -brad w.
> Hi all,
> this project is still in its mysterious darkroom phase, which ends on
> August 31st.
>> From then on it enters its o_p_e_n(indiana) phase.
> And everybody is happily welcome to contribute.
> I canceled my holidays and work on it 12 to 18 hours every weekday and weekend.
> And I'm now sure, that the promised release date of August (for the
> initial demo) can be met.
> At the current moment it would be contra-productive to work in a team,
> as the chatting, explaining and talking would prevent us from going
> ahead.
> Everybody has a different approach of working, but I hope you
> understand that this is mine.
> So please wait until August 31st, which is in 2 weeks, and therefore
> in just a few felt "moments".
> Time flies .......
> And to keep you loyal SPARC fellows 2 weeks more patient, here is some
> of the daily dog food that I enjoy to eat myself:
> Build started Thu Aug 16 21:26:25 2012
> Distribution name: OpenIndiana
> Build Area dataset: magicspace/dc/20120816thu__0
> Build Area mount point: /magicspace/dc/20120816thu__0
> ==== im-pop: Image area creation
> Initializing the IPS package image area:
> /magicspace/dc/20120816thu__0/build_data/pkg_image
> Setting preferred publisher: sparcoi
>        Origin repository:
> Verifying the contents of the IPS repository
> Installing the designated packages
> Uninstalling the designated packages
> Setting post-install preferred publisher: sparcoi
>        Origin repository:
> Stopping at im-mod: Image area modifications
> Build completed Thu Aug 16 23:11:27 2012
> Build is successful.
> ...
> and
> $ uname -a
> SunOS  5.11 oi_151a_Initial_SPARC_OpenIndiana__with_cheers_from__Martin_Bochnig
> sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Blade-1000
> So, again: Thanks for your offer to help.
> Starting in two weeks a nice community project is available to you and us all.
> regards,
>   %martin

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