[OpenIndiana-discuss] [discuss] SPARC and Illumos

Mark mark0x01 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 07:40:20 UTC 2012

> One last thing: I bought a Dual 1.5GHz USIV Uniboard for V490 which is
> located in Phoenix, but the seller strictly refuses to ship overseas.
> Could smb. please help me and have it forwarded to Berlin?
> This would be cool. But let's first get the DVD out.
> I guess the seller can wait 2 more days. Later later  ...
I just bought a V890 for NZD 72.00 !! but that is for another task.
Glad I didn't have to ship it !!

But I do have a V440 waiting patiently for an OI install.
(4 x CPU, 8Gb mem 4 x 72Gb Hdd)

It can be made available for remote testing.


> tnx.
>     %martin
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