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Gary Gendel gary at genashor.com
Thu Sep 6 13:38:26 UTC 2012


Oracle is deprecating the Sun dhcp server and replacing it with ISC 
based upon what I've been reading. It's one of the reasons that Oracle 
pushed changes to the ISC source.  Regardless, I have no reason to 
replace the server since it has everything I need in a dhcp server. 
Others don't agree.

That said, the Oracle client is missing IPV6 prefix delegation which is 
a hole for me and will become for more people that have ISPs that use 
this feature to assign blocks of ipv6 IPs.  Without this, you will only 
get a single IP address from these ISPs. Since ipv6 does not support NAT 
there is no alternative if you want to use OpenIndiana as a 
firewall/router.  There are firewall/router boxes that do perform this 
function. DD-WRT and similar do have an implementation but it is very buggy.

I currently get around this by using an ipv6 over ipv4 tunnel to HE, but 
this not a good final solution.


On 9/6/12 9:13 AM, Jonathan Adams wrote:
> On 6 September 2012 02:51, Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us> wrote:
>> On Wed, 5 Sep 2012, Gary Gendel wrote:
> <snip>
>>> If the answer is that I should be able to replace it, the next question is
>>> if anyone has done this before and how difficult this would be to do.
>> I assume you are talking about the client and not the server?  If you are
>> talking about the client, then it seems possible to do this via an upgrade.
>> If you are talking about the server, unless the ISC version is truely a
>> drop-in replacement, it would be best to make it an add-on package using
>> different directories so that it is possible to migrate from one to the
>> other and not crater users networks due to an update.  As Gordon Ross
>> mentions, the Sun dhcp server has nice integration with a dhcpmgr GUI (which
>> I use under Solaris 10).
> (All following comments are about the DHCP server)
> I happened to hate the GUI that came with the DHCP server, and always
> relied on the dhtadm and pntadm commands ...
> I assume that the ISC version will not use these commands, and will
> probably not be able to talk to the same datastores as the Sun version
> ...
> if the commands are different, or the datastores are not
> accessible/convertible then I would advise against replacing the Sun
> server with the ISC server, but look instead to changing the
> svc:/network/dhcp-server:default to svc:/network/dhcp-server:oracle
> and creating a new ISC svc:/network/dhcp-server:isc or something
> similar.
> If the ISC is not a drop in replacement and someone upgrades they will
> find that their server no longer works, and being a DHCP server will
> find that their network also no longer works.
> Jon
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