[OpenIndiana-discuss] stty source code

James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Fri Sep 7 13:39:26 UTC 2012

On 09/07/12 08:47, Reginald Beardsley wrote:
> The pathological complexity is in the morass of sac/saf stuff.  It was much simpler in 4.1.1. And is simpler on other *nix.

SAC/SAF is horrible, awful stuff from New Jersey.  The less said about
that, the better.  If you have any dial-in service at all (really? in
2012?), you're much better off using mgetty instead.

I had plans to remove that crap when I was at Sun, but I never got
around to it -- other priorities and eventually a new opportunity
intervened.  If you have to touch pmadm and the rest of that stuff, then
my condolences.

Fortunately, it's got nothing to do with 'tip' or communicating with
external devices, and is only tangentially related to serial ports.
It's used for dial-in and locally-connected character cell terminals only.

> C-Kermit installed from source was my immediate response to the problem but I found it didn't seem to have the ability to do anything either which *really* surprised me.  Perhaps you can direct me to kermit documentation that tells how to convert NL from the remote host to NL-CR on the terminal.  I spent a great deal of time reading the docs and experimenting w/o finding  way.

"set terminal lf-display crlf"

... at least it's there on a "modern" C-Kermit.

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