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Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
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I don't want any inbound connections.  But the documentation I read suggested that one had to setup ttymon on the port.  Possibly for no reason other than, "This is what I did when it finally worked."

In principle serial line comms are simple, but in practice the exceptional cases can eat you alive.

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> > The pathological complexity is in the morass of sac/saf
> stuff.  It was much simpler in 4.1.1. And is simpler on
> other *nix.
> SAC/SAF is horrible, awful stuff from New Jersey.  The
> less said about
> that, the better.  If you have any dial-in service at
> all (really? in
> 2012?), you're much better off using mgetty instead.
> I had plans to remove that crap when I was at Sun, but I
> never got
> around to it -- other priorities and eventually a new
> opportunity
> intervened.  If you have to touch pmadm and the rest of
> that stuff, then
> my condolences.
> Fortunately, it's got nothing to do with 'tip' or
> communicating with
> external devices, and is only tangentially related to serial
> ports.
> It's used for dial-in and locally-connected character cell
> terminals only.
> > C-Kermit installed from source was my immediate
> response to the problem but I found it didn't seem to have
> the ability to do anything either which *really* surprised
> me.  Perhaps you can direct me to kermit documentation
> that tells how to convert NL from the remote host to NL-CR
> on the terminal.  I spent a great deal of time reading
> the docs and experimenting w/o finding  way.
> "set terminal lf-display crlf"
> ... at least it's there on a "modern" C-Kermit.
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