[OpenIndiana-discuss] Cannot ping localhost (with NoNet configuration)

James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Sat Sep 8 23:04:31 UTC 2012

On 9/7/12 6:23 PM, Ivan Gualandri wrote:
> I did other tests and these are the result:
> 1. Tried to telnet to localhost at port 10002 and i have that result:
> Trying ::1 ...
> telnte connect to address ::1: connection refused
> Trying
> telnet connect to address connection refused

"Connection refused" normally means that it's getting to the host, but
that there's no application running on that port.

> It seems that other commands can correctly translate localhost.

I don't see a translation problem here.  ::1 and are
"localhost", so those numbers are fine.

The only thing I see in this case is that you have nothing running on
that port.

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