[OpenIndiana-discuss] stty source code

Andrew Gabriel illumos at cucumber.demon.co.uk
Mon Sep 10 09:37:38 UTC 2012

James Carlson wrote:
> Reginald Beardsley wrote:
>> I don't want any inbound connections.  But the documentation I read suggested that one had to setup ttymon on the port.  Possibly for no reason other than, "This is what I did when it finally worked."
> Where'd you read that?  Even when it's active, ttymon just camps out on
> the /dev/term/ (dial-in only) nodes, meaning that it'll stay asleep
> while you do your work on /dev/cua/.
> And it's not active on any of the normal serial ports by default and I
> believe that no reasonable person should make it active.
> The main blocking item in removing it is making sure that the system
> console service still works right after removal.

The console uses ttymon -g anyway (i.e. ttymon pretending to be getty, 
and ignoring all the SAC/SAF stuff).
On rare occations I setup another login port, I use ttymon -g on that too.


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