[OpenIndiana-discuss] SPARC-OpenIndiana Screenshots

Gary Gendel gary at genashor.com
Mon Sep 10 14:33:06 UTC 2012

I've got an enterprise 450 (Sparc II), with a PGX graphics card and a 
bum HME nic so I use a fiberchannel card currently running Solaris 10 
using zfs root.  I'll pitch in to test openindiana if I can create a 
separate BE rather than blow Solaris 10 away (which I actually use to 
build and test products for my company).  I do have some extra disks 
that I can swap with the Solaris boot disks if needed.

On 9/10/12 10:18 AM, Alex Smith (K4RNT) wrote:
> I have a Sun Blade 2500 (red, XVR-1200 graphics) available for testing, and
> I may be able to convince one of my colleagues to fire up a Sun Fire V240
> that I gave him to try with this as well, if you like, Martin. There is
> still plenty of sun4u hardware out there that would love to test OI on. :)
> On Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 8:14 AM, Martin Bochnig <martin at martux.org> wrote:
>> Dear SPARC fellows,
>> I apologize the repeated delays.
>> If you fix a, b and c you forget that this breaks d.
>> SMF complicated life (instead of making it easier).
>> And let's not talk about IPS   ...
>> Here some screenshots from just now.
>> One of the recent annoying stoppers is or was, that JDS would _almost_
>> load fully, but then crash itself and therefore cause openXsun to
>> stop.
>> Some problem with the gnome-keyring daemon somehow not willing to
>> communicate with dbus, although dbus is running fine, even svcs says
>> that!
>> Now I took 10 versions of solaris.zlib from a week ago and tried to
>> nfs-mount it over /usr the the booted LiveDVD's ramdisk. And after
>> some hours I found now one version, that works. But now Firefox loads,
>> but you cannot enter any URL.
>> And another problem: If I simply take a week-old version of
>> solaris.zlib (/usr), then this removes the other workarounds from
>> /usr, that I put in place durin the week.
>> And creating a new 10GB solaris and gzip-9 compress it to 3GB  takes 6
>> hours (and I consider this quick).
>> The complexity of such an OS is quite deep.
>> If you want all these bugs, rather that sill wait, pls. let me know.
>> Then I can offer the current instable alpha version via dyndns.
>> <<Screenshot.png (image/png) 590K>>
>> <<Screenshot-1.png (image/png) 359K>>
>> <<Screenshot-2.png (image/png) 364K>>
>> p.s. I will not allow, that OI dies!
>> If nobody else wants to keep it alive, I will ensure that we can run
>> the servers from my home.
>> Can switch from 20MBit to VDSL 50MBit.
>> If illumos wants another reference distro, I do not care.
>> We here will keep OI alive, okay?   ;-)

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