[OpenIndiana-discuss] google drive on openindiana?

David Halko davidhalko at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 00:34:16 UTC 2012

 Sorry for the late repsonse, Jerry.

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> I think that it would be difficult for me to pose a legitimate argument
> to your statement, but, for those of you running OpenIndiana on your
> desktop, or Solaris, or one of the many open Solaris based distro's, how
> many of you are running a current, or close to current copy of Firefox
> and/or Thunderbird?
Whenever I do a Solaris install, the FIRST thing I do is go to
sunfreeware.com or unixpackages.com, download the latest version of Firefox
and install it. I just did this under Solaris 10 Update 10 on SPARC under a
week ago.

After that, I wait until a user in the community complains, then I upgrade
all 300 virtual desktop instances with the latest version of Firefox that I
can. (I still have 2 VDI hosts running Solaris 9, unfortunately. They get
what they get.)

> None of those are compiled by Mozilla personnel, although they are
> distributed on the Mozilla site.  All of the current *Solaris stuff is
> in the contrib section, and has been for some time.
> Jerry

We need to keep our development resources out of this area of compiling
individual packages and keep professional packagers doing this for us. It
should be their day job. Their time is worth every penny.

This is the instanity of a packaging system for every distro. SVR4 can
download packages from a network stream directly, SVR4 can natively handle
custom methods (like compression) without source-code change, it has stood
the test of time, and packages have been available for our consumption for

If we need an update, then we should pay for an update, if we don't want to
spend our own time, or we should compile it and contribute it, and maybe
ask for a credit! ;-)

 Thanks - Dave

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