[OpenIndiana-discuss] USB WiFi dongel? / N Standard wifi

Enrico enricop at computer.org
Tue Sep 11 06:41:56 UTC 2012

Hi Heinz,
I confirm that the current net80211 module and libdlwlan library often have an 
authentication timeout problem during the wpa2 4way handshake. This happens for 
both pure wpa2 AP and wpa/wpa2 AP.
It is not a problem of the kernel that supports AES_CCM cypher and not of wpad 
daemon, but in how libdlwlan and wpa driver interface manage the association 
process. In other cases it can be a device driver issue but i think this is not 
your case.

In general this problem is solved in the wpa_enterprise GSoC project repo.
This, i think, will be integrated in Illumos, not before October.
Let me know if you want to try an build the development bits.

Regarding support for High Throughput rates:
while the device driver  might correctly advertise the speed rate to your AP, 
libdlwlan will not *show* speed rates higher than 54mb. Also net80211 module 
might lack of full support for these rates.

However if dhcp works you are associated with the AP,
but you probably receive a deauth frame as soon as you get the IP.
I would try with dladm if you are not using this yet and be
sure the psk passed to wpad is correct (dladm show-secobj -o all).

Best Regards

On 09/09/12 18:41, Heinz Nikolaus Gies wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I wonder if anyone has experience with a USB wifi don gel for OI? Preferable N standard (300M speed). While the stick I currently have somewhat works it totally fails with WAP2 (or wap+wap2) configurations and does not get any useful connectivity  even with plain WAP (even so dhcp works ping does not).
> Any advice/known working models?
> Regards and many thank in advance,
> Heinz
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