[OpenIndiana-discuss] SPARC-OpenIndiana Screenshots

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Mon Sep 10 12:14:20 UTC 2012

Dear SPARC fellows,

I apologize the repeated delays.
If you fix a, b and c you forget that this breaks d.
SMF complicated life (instead of making it easier).

And let's not talk about IPS   ...

Here some screenshots from just now.
One of the recent annoying stoppers is or was, that JDS would _almost_
load fully, but then crash itself and therefore cause openXsun to
Some problem with the gnome-keyring daemon somehow not willing to
communicate with dbus, although dbus is running fine, even svcs says

Now I took 10 versions of solaris.zlib from a week ago and tried to
nfs-mount it over /usr the the booted LiveDVD's ramdisk. And after
some hours I found now one version, that works. But now Firefox loads,
but you cannot enter any URL.
And another problem: If I simply take a week-old version of
solaris.zlib (/usr), then this removes the other workarounds from
/usr, that I put in place durin the week.
And creating a new 10GB solaris and gzip-9 compress it to 3GB  takes 6
hours (and I consider this quick).

The complexity of such an OS is quite deep.
If you want all these bugs, rather that sill wait, pls. let me know.
Then I can offer the current instable alpha version via dyndns.

<<Screenshot.png (image/png) 590K>>
<<Screenshot-1.png (image/png) 359K>>
<<Screenshot-2.png (image/png) 364K>>

p.s. I will not allow, that OI dies!
If nobody else wants to keep it alive, I will ensure that we can run
the servers from my home.

Can switch from 20MBit to VDSL 50MBit.
If illumos wants another reference distro, I do not care.
We here will keep OI alive, okay?   ;-)

     Cheers to all OI users,
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