[OpenIndiana-discuss] Current ZFS Backup projects

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Tue Sep 11 17:47:03 UTC 2012

2012-09-11 18:56, Mark Creamer wrote:
> A recent thread caused me to look for open source projects that leverage
> ZFS to backup systems. I found a couple, such as OmniTI's
> Zetaback<http://labs.omniti.com/labs/zetaback>,
> but that one appears to be dead - at least the links don't work and the Git
> page shows no recent activity. Nexenta's commercial product for Windows,
> "Delorean", also appears to have been killed (unfortunately without first
> being released to the community as far as I can tell). Wondering if anyone
> knows of any other projects that use scripts or some other method to manage
> system backups with zfs. I'm hoping to build on the ideas of someone more
> knowledgeable to automate my snapshot and recovery efforts.

Regarding backup of other OSes to ZFS servers and leveraging ZFS
from there on, I can suggest rsync (or cwrsync in case of Windows
clients). This is easily automatable on clients (push to rsync
server) or on the server (pull from clients), provided that you
set up the security/logins appropriately.

The ZFS-enabled server can take care of snapshotting successful
rsync run results, deduplication if appropriately spec'ed, etc.

I posted an enhanced SMF script and config file snippets on OI
wiki to run the rsync server and take ZFS auto-snapshots after
successful completion of incoming rsync sessions (push mode);
it is even more trivial in pull mode initiated by the server -
it can "mkdir .../.zfs/snapshot/$SNAPNAME" given the proper
access via "zfs allow").

//Jim Klimov

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