[OpenIndiana-discuss] Current ZFS Backup projects

Michael Zandstra michael at zandy.nl
Wed Sep 12 07:20:09 UTC 2012

Is zfs send and zfs recv not an option?
(Sending a ZFS Snapshot)

 From Nexenta course I once followed; Snapshot early, snapshot often. 
It's better to do snapshots every 5 minutes and send that differential 
snapshot to a second machine with zfs send/recv, than to use other means 
of backing up live systems.

Op 11-9-2012 19:47, Jim Klimov schreef:
> 2012-09-11 18:56, Mark Creamer wrote:
>> A recent thread caused me to look for open source projects that leverage
>> ZFS to backup systems. I found a couple, such as OmniTI's
>> Zetaback<http://labs.omniti.com/labs/zetaback>,
>> but that one appears to be dead - at least the links don't work and 
>> the Git
>> page shows no recent activity. Nexenta's commercial product for Windows,
>> "Delorean", also appears to have been killed (unfortunately without 
>> first
>> being released to the community as far as I can tell). Wondering if 
>> anyone
>> knows of any other projects that use scripts or some other method to 
>> manage
>> system backups with zfs. I'm hoping to build on the ideas of someone 
>> more
>> knowledgeable to automate my snapshot and recovery efforts.
> Regarding backup of other OSes to ZFS servers and leveraging ZFS
> from there on, I can suggest rsync (or cwrsync in case of Windows
> clients). This is easily automatable on clients (push to rsync
> server) or on the server (pull from clients), provided that you
> set up the security/logins appropriately.
> The ZFS-enabled server can take care of snapshotting successful
> rsync run results, deduplication if appropriately spec'ed, etc.
> I posted an enhanced SMF script and config file snippets on OI
> wiki to run the rsync server and take ZFS auto-snapshots after
> successful completion of incoming rsync sessions (push mode);
> it is even more trivial in pull mode initiated by the server -
> it can "mkdir .../.zfs/snapshot/$SNAPNAME" given the proper
> access via "zfs allow").
> HTH,
> //Jim Klimov
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