[OpenIndiana-discuss] HFS+ (Apple file system) read/write support on Illumos -- interest levels?

Dave Pooser dave-oi at pooserville.com
Sat Sep 15 04:19:57 UTC 2012

At $DAYJOB we have a need to get files from Mac-formatted (HFS+) volumes
from video record appliances onto ZFS-based storage towers (because when
you're talking about the only video recordings of a major corporate
meeting, "probably OK" filesystems aren't enough). Right now we do it via
a Mac -- hook drive to Mac, mount ZFS filesystem via CIFS, and copy-- but
that's a bit of a pain in the rear; it would be a lot easier to be able to
hook drives directly to an OI tower and copy the files that way. In an
ideal world we'd also be able to write to HFS+ drives, but I understand
that's trickier. FUSE is not really an option because we need performance
-- when you're copying 450GB of video files so you can put the tower on a
truck and get yourself to the airport that's kind of a big deal.
Similarly, although Linux has that level of HFS+ support I don't trust
either ZFS on Linux or BTRFS nearly as much as I trust ZFS.

1) Is there anybody else who has interest in this capability? I'd like to
talk about pooling money for a bounty. (This is complicated by the fact
that I have no idea what a reasonable amount for a bounty is, because I
have no idea how much work is involved.)

2) Alternately, is there a developer who'd like to take on this project on
a contract basis, with the understanding that the source would be released
to the community?
Dave Pooser
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