[OpenIndiana-discuss] Swap during install

Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 02:55:12 UTC 2012

--- On Tue, 9/25/12, Bob Friesenhahn <bfriesen at simple.dallas.tx.us> wrote:

> Your paragraph above is a perfect illustration of people
> failing to plan to properly handle the workload they do
> have. :-)
> The fact of the matter is that most memory in modern servers
> is used for filesystem/database caching (which does not use
> swap) and not used for dirty application data pages. 
> Memory has become cheap enough that only very specialized
> applications will need more memory than available RAM. 
> We have reached the point where 256 GB is readily
> "affordable" without second thought for profit-making
> business purposes and even physically small systems (e.g.
> 1U, 2U) can be fitted with 1TB of RAM.
> If you were to actually fill 4TB of swap with data, the
> program would likely be slow and take quite a long time to
> quit.  More than likely the program has a dreadful
> memory leak.

I'm a research scientist.  Which pretty much makes everything I do a "specialized application".  Enough said?

Have Fun!

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