[OpenIndiana-discuss] failed upgrade from OpenSolaris to OpenIndiana

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Sep 26 10:11:06 UTC 2012

2012-09-26 12:20, baldyeti wrote:
> Jim Klimov wrote, On 2012-09-25 14:03:
>>> Could someone help me
>>> *) reclaim the disk space that got eaten by downloaded packages
>>> (hos to purge these?)
>> Check in /var/pkg(/tmp), and note that clones or rather origin
>> snapshots of rootfs might reference these unpurged files forever.
> Thanks Jim. Thereunder the two biggest subfolders are
>      pkg        (380MB)
>      download    (1GB)
> Is this supposedly all safe to just delete ?
> Isn't there some purge option to a pkg command, that'd be cleaner ?

Unfortunately, that I do not know. I've seen /var/pkg
fill up during package installations and updates and
get cleaned when the process completed, but I did not
look much deeper.

>>> Is OI supposed to run wherever OS did? Then my HW should be
>>> supported and it might be simpler to install the latest OI ISO?
>> You can boot the LiveCD/LiveUSB to check if your HW is still
>> supported - there may have been some drivers that were 3rd-party
>> and/or otherwise proprietary and not published by Sun, or that
>> became outdated and excluded from illumos-gate.
> I'll try the live snapshot, but since it's over 700MB
> I have to get a DVD-RW first.

If your system is capable of USB booting, you can try the
USB images on a 1Gb+ stick or a partition of a USB HDD.

If you have a CD-RW, you can try the text-mode "server"
installation ISO instead. If that works, you can later
install the remaining packages over network to turn the
installation into a X11 desktop which is a superset of
the server (with a few tweaks, like defaulting to NWAM
vs. static network configs).


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