[OpenIndiana-discuss] SPARC-OpenIndiana Screenshots

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Thu Sep 27 07:13:11 UTC 2012

On Thu, Sep 27, 2012 at 8:53 AM, Volker A. Brandt <vab at bb-c.de> wrote:
> Hi Martin!
> These screens look very nice indeed!!  Looking forward to trying out
> your distribution on my E4500. :-)
> However, I prefer quality.  So if we need to wait a few days more until
> everything is finished, that is fine with me.

Hi Volker,

glad to see your friendly feedback, once again.
As of quality: The iso is kept unchanged for 2 weeks. As nobody from
either OI or Illumos has _ever_ offered me any upload link (did I
overlook sth?), I once again asked Al Hopper for help - and: Of course
he does more than I imagined to get the zone running.
He deserves a HUGE place in the Credits section ...
Since then I tested it on all 23 sun4u and sun4v systems I own, plus
on every frame buffer / system combination.
(most my systems have at least 2, but up to 6 fb's).

During the old days of Xorg based FOX, as little as 3% of these
combinations would work, and if at all, then only unstable.

Now with openXsun (thanks again to Alan Coopersmith) plus with my
patches (that's why it took over a month)
... EVERY combination just works!!!!!

And that's so good, it is unbelievable to myself, everytime I
experience this  )))

It is damn annoying, that the yt video was too large.
It is the first video that I uploaded since 2008 and I had thought,
the 10MB restriction has gone.
Not so?

I convert my videos in VirtualBox on a 2.4GHz DualCore Celeron running Solaris.
It takes quite long to convert this stuff and upload it.

Till tomorrow (with the video).
Hopefully I get the page ready until Saturday, enabling you to test it
on the weekend.
If somebody wants it really urgently: Please contact Al Hopper.
2 weeks ago I uploaded the iso to his Amazon cloud that he set up for me.

I see no reason, why your E4500 shouldn't work.
But your testing is awaited.


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