[OpenIndiana-discuss] Laptop locking up, possibly on rge device - rings a bell to anyone?

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Fri Sep 28 06:48:36 UTC 2012

Thanks Marion for the pointers, I also figured it looks like
a interrupt problem (back in MSDOS times "kicking" the computer
hung in a game by moving a mouse could unhang it ;) )

However, now that I've checked, I don't see rge sharing an
IRQ vector with anything. It is of an MSI type currently bound
to CPU1 (and a pcieb is bound to CPU0 being the only other MSI
interrupt); I wonder if the CPU binding matters for this bug,
and if it can be controlled to test.

The only shared interrupts I see are two ehci driver instances
on one IRQ and three ohci instances on another.

Also, this is not an NVidia box but an AMD/ATI one (with the
integrated APU = CPU+GPU).

I've had a boot after my email where again I worked for hours
and intensively used the net without problems; then I had
boots where net hung upon IOs (i.e. I could start an "scp"
session from another machine and authenticate with a password,
but the actual file copy hung it), and currently the link is
down right from the bootup...

Thanks for more ideas,

2012-09-27 6:50, Marion Hakanson wrote:
> jimklimov at cos.ru said:
>> . . .
>>     Ultimately, after about one hour of such intermittent work with no actual
>> usage on my behalf, the LAN interface went down and did not come back up
>> until a full reboot (I did not try fastboot though). I have no idea if this
>> will be reproducible :)
>> . . .
> I wonder if this is similar to something I've seen, which I think was
> eventually categorized as an interrupt-sharing problem.  On my systems,
> the graphics locked up, along with USB mouse, and on one of them an
> internal disk interface also had timeouts during the "freeze".  All
> the affected devices were sharing the same IRQ.
> You can see what OI thinks your laptop is doing, interrupt-wise, via:
> 	echo "::interrupts -d" | mdb -k
> I'm not sure how one can fix it.  I was able to disable enough USB ports
> in the BIOS on one machine to alleviate the IRQ-sharing, and the problem
> stopped happening there.  Here's the (closed) bug report:
> 	https://www.illumos.org/issues/1625
> Regards,
> Marion

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