[OpenIndiana-discuss] Laptop locking up, possibly on rge device - rings a bell to anyone?

Marion Hakanson hakansom at ohsu.edu
Thu Sep 27 02:50:05 UTC 2012

jimklimov at cos.ru said:
> . . .
>    Ultimately, after about one hour of such intermittent work with no actual
> usage on my behalf, the LAN interface went down and did not come back up
> until a full reboot (I did not try fastboot though). I have no idea if this
> will be reproducible :) 
> . . .

I wonder if this is similar to something I've seen, which I think was
eventually categorized as an interrupt-sharing problem.  On my systems,
the graphics locked up, along with USB mouse, and on one of them an
internal disk interface also had timeouts during the "freeze".  All
the affected devices were sharing the same IRQ.

You can see what OI thinks your laptop is doing, interrupt-wise, via:
	echo "::interrupts -d" | mdb -k

I'm not sure how one can fix it.  I was able to disable enough USB ports
in the BIOS on one machine to alleviate the IRQ-sharing, and the problem
stopped happening there.  Here's the (closed) bug report:



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