[OpenIndiana-discuss] Preliminary Download link: Illumos based MartUX_OpenIndiana_Edition for SPARC LiveDVD (without installer)

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Fri Sep 28 15:01:50 UTC 2012

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 4:05 PM, Alex Smith (K4RNT)
<shadowhunter at gmail.com> wrote:
> I downloaded it yesterday - I *LOVE* working in a datacenter and being on
> the backbone directly! I frequently hit 40Mbit download rates! Took less
> than 10 minutes!
> I will be installing it over the weekend on my SB2500 Red, in case the
> original DVD-ROM didn't work, I ordered a MSI DVD+/-RW drive from Newegg,
> should get it next week.

Hi Alex, this extra step indeed only required on the SB2500.
And maybe it was only caused by my cheap JLDS (or what it was,
manufacturer as reported by Joerg's cdrecord) DVD+R 4.7GB disks, with
the cheap label "Kaufland".
I had no other media anymore, will re-test the SB2500 Red and Silber
(both behave identically) tomorrow, with other vendor's DVD's.

> There is a full gcc environment available, correct?

I compiled /usr/sfw/bin/gcc and /usr/gcc/4.4/bin/gcc from
consolidation oi-build.
As I wrote yesterday somewhere, I was required to add an auto-applied
patch that changes the ./configure command line to include
--disable-multilib. Otherwise gcc doesn't compile on SPARC. However,
so nice so good. But this cause OS/Net or Illumos to fail instantly.
The solution is hidden in the special diffs that Sun used since
Solaris 10. But at the first place I had believed, a distro like OI
would years ago have included them And secondly I was under immense
time pressure, so I didn't look where we can get these diffs (or if
they are in the open at all). So I just kept it like that, for now.

Because, and here it comes: The LiveDVD does include /opt/onbld,
/opt/dtbld and /opt/SUNWpro with Studio12.1 !
So you can still compile a lot of software, even that which requires
multilib support to be present in the compiler.
And the most famous example of such a src tree is OS/Net Illumos. To
build that customize illumos.sh to disable shadow compilation.

> How large are the IPS
> package repos so far, Martin? If I could get a howto on building packages
> for IPS, I might be willing to help compile some software and publish it. :)

Hmmm, thanks Alex.What shall I respond to this?

#0.) The difficulty lies not in compiling the code.
As you  see all the consolidations are already built, and copied over
to the 11GB LiveDVD (clofi gzip-6 compressed less than 4GB).
The problemm is also not building a repo when skipping dependency resolution.

#1.) As I wrote yesterday, the best IPS repo documentation available
is on openindiana.org.
Go there! And save a copy before they may shut down the servers or whatever.
It is excellent inside information that is available there.
Eric Lowe has a substantial share in that work!

Your help is really appreciated.
And we SPARC users can and will somehow work as a community.
For that reason yesterday's critical questions, that I sent.

Most importantly: For what do we need IPS?
SVR4 pkgadd can offer most the IPS's functionality that users really
demand (network-install and automatic fetching of deps).
To get IPS running has a price.
And it doesn't matter how large my test repo is.
I created several repos, and the largest has 2 GB.
But with the normal procedure of one would normally want to pkgsend
new packages into it, you could not even do the most minimalistic
I'm writing this from abroad.
To post details I need to be at home.
But my proposal was: Why not simply ditching IPS.
I mean, if OI has no leader anymore, the main reason no longer exists
for which I had wanted to start with IPS at all, after I hesitated for
2 years.
Isn't it pure irony?? After 2 years I finally decided to do it and to
share EVERYTHING and to ditch MartUX. For this reason it was called
And while I was woking it, the leader simply resigned because "Solaris
is outdated and doesn't perform as well as LinUX"????? I still cannot
believe that! Consequently I felt a bit pissed off, because at  least
he could have told me about his plans in adavnce!! Whatever, for this
reason (and for this reason alone!) the back-renaming to MartUX

I don't know.
But in my personal view this also allows us (on SPARC) to use pkgadd
instead of IPS.
Fight a few weeks with IPS, then maybe you understand what I mean.

Thanks for testing.
And I'm confident, that we can somehow build a community where
everybody has a role.
This mailing list has always maintained the highest standards, and it
shall be fun if we all can work together.
As promised, openXsun sources will get released.
We only need to find a good home for the repo.
Maybe we should ask Alan for an idea ... ??

   %martin bochnig

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