[OpenIndiana-discuss] Preliminary Download link: Illumos based MartUX_OpenIndiana_Edition for SPARC LiveDVD (without installer)

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Fri Sep 28 17:57:16 UTC 2012

On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 6:09 PM, Daniel Kjar <dkjar at elmira.edu> wrote:
> It's alive!!!!
> Took about 2 minutes to boot into gnome 'the first time' as Martin says.
> This is a maxed out blade1000 2 1.2ghz IIIcu-C chips, 8gb ram, xvr1200.
> so Martin.... how do I install this on my drive rather than the livedvd?

Hello, sorry, I was on the road since I last posted 3 hours ago.
First of all: Thank you and all others for your detailed testing and reports!!

Well, your results are in fact interesting and valuable.
Why did the script fail? Have you tried to run it with the -x bash
option for detailed output?

I also have two Dual 1.2GHz SB2k's with 8GB and 2 Creator UPA frame
buffers in the first, but XVR-100 and PGX32 in the second. I on my
boxes never got the errors you saw. I was really scared 5 minutes ago
when I read your initial mails. Luckily it works now.
And you even have luck with your writable media, because otherwise the
mighty Blade 2000 could not unfold its potential, if the DVD needs
error-correction during read.

Tnx for your time!

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