[OpenIndiana-discuss] Seagate 3000GB Drive only shows 746GB

Timothy Coalson tsc5yc at mst.edu
Fri Sep 28 23:08:50 UTC 2012

Something worth noting, if you intend to purchase a card to expand via SATA
drives, is that SATA controllers and OI smartctl don't get along yet (the
interface for ATA commands isn't implemented, I think is the story), if you
get a SAS/SAS2 controller, you can get smartctl to work with "-d sat" on
SATA disks (SAS2 is far more likely to support 3TB and larger disks).  I
see LSI-based ones recommended for OI quite a bit on this list, but you
want the HBA ones, not the RAID ones.  They are more expensive than your
average SATA card, though, and use a different cable.

I haven't the faintest idea what SATA cards work with OI/illumos.


On Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 5:50 PM, Rainer Heilke <rheilke at dragonhearth.com>wrote:

> Bingo! I unplugged one of my internal data drives (after removing it from
> the ZFS mirror) and hooked up the 3TB drive.
> Went into the BIOS: 3TB
> Went into format: 3TB
> Did a zpool create, there is a new 2.72TB pool.
> Yippee! Thank you!
> Now I get to spend the next month moving drives and data around. :-( Too
> bad OI can't use my new (and seemingly useless) Vantec SATA card. :-(
> Rainer
> On 9/28/2012 12:32 PM, Volker A. Brandt wrote:
>> Hi Rainer!
>>  This is a USB-attached drive
>>> (in a SATA/USB enclosure)
>> Are you sure the controller chip in your SATA/USB enclosure can
>> deal with more than 2TB of disk?
>> All such enclosures I have either truncate at 2TB or worse, they wrap
>> around.  A disk with 3000GB (decimal) will give you just short of
>> 2794GB (binary), and wrapped around 2TB will give you 746GB.
>> So I am quite sure the controller chip in your enclosure is to blame.
>> Regards -- Volker
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