[OpenIndiana-discuss] from the lost to the river

lazaro netadmin at lex-sa.cu
Thu Sep 27 19:41:45 UTC 2012

Hi all. I'm very newb in this matter of SunOS and the whole familily
(illumous and his OI) but if all work like the documentation say... it
is a perfect OS. Also my english is not the best thing.

My questions:

Could I make "novice's questions" here?

An answer can be RTFM but really de FM is very hard for understand. From
where I'm, no much people read (or like) the english and the
documentation crisis close me the doors for make a community, so... I'll
start to write my experience in spanish but the primary question is:

could I make "stupid and documented questions" in this list?

For example, how to build a package for the repo... nobody give me a
link. I stamp my face against a kind vodoo ritual with mercurial
involved but never get undesrtand nothing (well, just a bit) For
example, what a hells is the famous "userland-gate" The wiki is very
implicit and short.

Then, come the first pack of avoiding stupid questions:

-where I must read for learn?
-from where begin, where is the square number one
-where are the definitions of thats stranges words

Read all the openindiana features is like go shopping without money. You
draft crazy look all the good things in the shelvings. Where is the
ticket sells for get the train and reach this dark but powefull land
showed in the openindiana's posters?

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