[OpenIndiana-discuss] 3 TB 4k USB disk woes

Reginald Beardsley pulaskite at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 11 16:57:04 UTC 2013

I'm still trying to get a 3 TB Toshiba USB disk to play nice attached to an N40L running oi_151a7.

I've successfully set un_phy_blocksize = 0x1000 && un_tgt_blocksize = 0x1000 using sd-config-list.  Forcing the driver to reattach by unplugging the drive was the key to that.

I've run "devfsadm -C -c disk".

I can write an EFI label using format.

I can read the label using prtvtoc.

It has entries for s0 & s8.

ls -FRC /dev/*dsk shows me the s0 entries.

I can rewrite the label using prtvtoc | fmthard.

I can read /dev/rdsk/c5t0d0p0 w/ dd, but I cannot read /dev/rdsk/c5t0d0s0.

I get an "open: no such device or address"  message for s0.

Truss tells me open64() fails w/ Errno #6 ENXIO.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is wrong?  I'm quite baffled.

Have Fun!

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