[OpenIndiana-discuss] SMF "svcadm restart-or-clear-or-start" action

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Mon Feb 11 23:12:25 UTC 2013

Hello all,

   While setting up systems there are occasions when an SMF service
needs to be restarted - i.e. due to reconfiguration or its failure.
The "svcadm restart" action only takes place for "online" services.

   I wonder if it is a reasonable RFE to add some command (and what
should it be called?) to try to "kick" a service into "online" state
from whatever starting situation. For an already "online" service
this would act as a "restart", for an "offline" service this would
be an "enable", and a service in "maintenance" this would "clear".

   This should likely do nothing with services in transitional state
(currently becoming online or offline - though maybe request restart
of the latter), and of course the action may fail again (likely into
maintenance) if the service is still misconfigured.

   It is just annoying to have to verify the service's current state
before "kicking" it, though I've spawned a simple admin-script on
my systems to do this chore ;)

   I think the solution should be a part of the common SMF structure.

   And it is a bite-size task for any enthusiast, now that we have
a few :)

//Jim Klimov

PS: no bugtracker RFE yet posted

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