[OpenIndiana-discuss] hipster developer edition

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Mar 5 11:03:26 UTC 2014

Hello all,

   I wonder if anyone has notes prepared for what it takes to turn
an OI (Hipster) basic installation from a fresh Live Media into a
workstation to develop and compile the illumos-gate and userland
software? And taking it a step further, if it would make sense to
prepare compilation-ready LiveDVDs or VM images which already
include all the needed compilers, headers and other packages,
and perhaps the dedicated build zone.

   On a side note, are any IDE's particularly popular to simplify
the coding and debugging, or do people prefer simple editors like
mcedit, vi, nano, and command-line gmake, gdb, mdb invokations?

   Just a bit ago I replied on the ZFS list to a BSD developer who
would like to RTI his patches - but has nowhere to compile and test.
And not being from Solaris/illumos community, it would likely be a
barrier to require of him and other such newcomers to set everything
up in order to compile and RTI properly.

   Instead, we could ideally point him to a VirtualBox image with
the prepared compilation environment (perhaps complete with the
checked-out source codes at the time of VM image preparation) and
a short manual: login here, svn update there, cd here, apply your
code patches, gmake, wait... test, publish a webrev.

   Does this sound feasible - to produce such environments while
rolling out an updated ISO of Hipster for example?

//Jim Klimov

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