[OpenIndiana-discuss] Automatic installation for OpenIndiana desktop version (for use with Packer/Vagrant) available?

Dieter Reuter dieter.reuter at icloud.com
Wed Mar 5 19:08:43 UTC 2014


I'm just trying to build a basebox with Packer for using OpenIndiana (both server and desktop version) for automated builds with Vagrant.

I made some progress and as a starting point I just used the available Packer template for OmniOS (from http://omnios.omniti.com/browse.php/core/omnios-packer) and adopted it for the OpenIndiana server version.  For the first steps, I've used the server ISO OpenIndiana Build 151a8 Server CD (32/64-bit x86), 496M.  The server version was easy to use for an automated Packer script to build the basebox, but the desktop version boots into a live ISO image.

After a couple of hours, my work is halfway done for the server version.  The first part is already scripted and works fine for OSX and Windows 7 hosts, the second part is WIP for the postinstall.sh script to create the Vagrant user and install some basic stuff needed for the basebox.  But my goal is to use Packer/Vagrant for the desktop version as well.  If anybody is interested, here is my REPO - but I recommend to wait another one/two days and it should be finished.

Now, I'd like to ask how to script the installation of the desktop version of OpenIndiana in the same way.  Or could I easily upgrade from my server basebox to the desktop version, maybe just with installing some additional packages?  Any help or pointers are welcome.


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