[OpenIndiana-discuss] Latest OI/Illumnos build

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Tue Mar 18 21:04:56 UTC 2014

In regard to: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Latest OI/Illumnos build, Harry Putnam...:

> For someone wanting to install OI, what is recommended for new
> installs in the way of live cd or install media etc?

I think the oi151a8 live USB image is still the latest.  After you've
installed oi151a8, you can update to oi151a9, which is currently the
latest available release, though last I checked there was no direct
install ISO available.  Hence the need to install 151a8 then update.
I seem to recall there's some discrepancy between the documentation for
creating the 151a8 live USB vs. what you actually need to do vis-à-vis the
size of the header, but that vague memory may be incorrect.

If you look at the mailing list archives going back to mid-January,
you should find a thread about 151a9.  A number of people have
indicated that they had more problems with 151a9 than on 151a8,
but that is contrary to my experience.  I've been very please with

> Is it a time one might switch to hipster.  I know nothing about
> hipster? Only to have seen it mentioned as newish.

hipster is a proving ground for updates that may eventually
make it into OI.  Unless you really like tinkering and being on
the bleeding edge, my recommendation would be to stick to stock OI,
possibly with some of the additional SFE repos.

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