[OpenIndiana-discuss] Latest OI/Illumnos build

Harry Putnam reader at newsguy.com
Tue Mar 18 22:50:06 UTC 2014

Tim Mooney <Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu> writes:


> I think the oi151a8 live USB image is still the latest.  After you've
> installed oi151a8, you can update to oi151a9, which is currently the
> latest available release, though last I checked there was no direct
> install ISO available.  


> If you look at the mailing list archives going back to mid-January,
> you should find a thread about 151a9.

Thanks for that pointer... sounds like a good place to do some


>> Is it a time one might switch to hipster.  I know nothing about
>> hipster? Only to have seen it mentioned as newish.
> hipster is a proving ground for updates that may eventually
> make it into OI.

Point taken and thanks

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"Stephen S. Jones" <sjones3 at citadel.edu> writes:


> The only branch to use for production is the "dev" branch.  Do not use
> hipster as your first and only OI installation. 

Many thanks to you both for help filled replies.

Downloading the *.iso now

The point you both made about hipster has been well taken here.  I
expect to have enough trouble learning to run (well) the main release.

Not that it is in itself problematic to run, I mean I fully expect
quite a lot in terms of pilot error ... 

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