[OpenIndiana-discuss] Using large (3-4 TB) USB disks for backups

Bryan N Iotti ironsides.medvet at runbox.com
Thu Mar 27 20:00:31 UTC 2014


Are you sure the * is not allowed?

We had several posts on this list a while back about wildcarding entries in sd.conf to get around drives with strange names (my SanDisk SSD is an example) that are incorrectly parsed by the sd driver.

I know for sure you can wildcard both the vendor and device strings together, but maybe you can't wildcard only one?

‎Maybe here "Toshiba *" might work?

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Hello Reginald Beardsley and List,

On März, 26 2014, 14:43 <Reginald Beardsley> wrote in [1]:

> # echo "::walk sd_state | ::grep '.!=0' | ::print struct sd_lun
> un_sd |::print struct scsi_device sd_inq | ::print struct
> scsi_inquiry inq_vid inq_pid" | mdb -k
> inq_vid = [ "Toshiba " ]
> inq_pid = [ "External USB 3.0" ]

> # echo ::sd_state | mdb -k | egrep '(^un|_blocksize)'
> un 3: ffffff0148254cc0
> un_sys_blocksize = 0x200
> un_tgt_blocksize = 0x1000
> un_phy_blocksize = 0x200
> un_f_tgt_blocksize_is_valid = 0x1

> Add entry in sd.conf:

> sd-config-list = "*Toshiba*" ,"physical-block-size:4096";

I think you do here a little mistage. * is not allowed.
Thats the right way:
sd-config-list = "Toshiba External USB 3.0" ,"physical-block-size:4096";
I am not sure here, please type at CLI format, select the drive, than
sd-config-list = "Vendor Product", "physical-block-size:4096";

On März, 26 2014, 21:19 <Reginald Beardsley> wrote in [2]:

> Just a couple of warnings "block alignment is larger than the pool's alignment".

You get this warning, when your pool is set ashift=9 and in the
sd.conf file is this HDD named to ashift=12 (4098b) or
ashift=13 (8196b)

Best Regards
März, 27 2014
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