[OpenIndiana-discuss] Recovering from power loss on USB ZFS pool?

Laurent Blume laurent+oi at elanor.org
Thu Mar 27 21:30:32 UTC 2014

Le 2014/03/27 22:23 +0100, Jonathan Adams a écrit:
> on a positive note, taking an unreliable old USB ZFS pool off of a
> misbehaving Solaris 10 box and plugging into an Ubuntu with ZFS allowed the
> USB drive to work flawlessly for a long time thereafter ... Ubuntu ZFS
> seems a lot more stable and reliable than the Solaris/Illumos equivalent.
> If you have future trouble (and you haven't upgraded your ZFS on Illumos to
> the latest greatest hipster version) you should be able to get your data
> back.

The zfs code in illumos should be the same (or close) to the one ins ZFS 
for Linux, so they should be pretty compatible, and stay that way 
(unlike, of course, with the Solaris flavour).
So most of the improvement should come from the superior USB support in 

Another thing I do like much in ZoL is the ability to update it 
independantly from the kernel.


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