[OpenIndiana-discuss] Recovering from power loss on USB ZFS pool?

Laurent Blume laurent+oi at elanor.org
Fri Mar 28 08:46:21 UTC 2014

Le 2014/03/28 09:35 +0100, Jonathan Adams a écrit:
> The Current Ubuntu ZFS driver (in the repository) is one step behind the
> hipster variant, I cannot currently mount my hipster partition when I've
> booted Ubuntu on the same computer ...

Yes, they've been recommending to use HEAD lately, and keep promising a 
release Real Soon Now.

> Indeed it does, superior is a strange way of putting it, but that is how it
> appears to be ...

It's not a surprise. Solaris' USB support has always been a few years 
behind and generally poor, unreliable and slow. There are some other 
parts where it shines. But not that one.

> It is good, but I have do have issues occasionally (tending towards
> usually) where it compile the SPL after the ZFS, which causes the ZFS to
> fail until I reinstall it after a reboot.
> With the ZFS in the kernel, it does allow me to have a ZFS boot partition,
> which I couldn't trust on an Ubuntu installation

I was not exactly talking about the ability to load/unload the module, 
but merely to be able to have the same zfs version with kernels ranging 
from 2.6 to 3.11.

The easy root install issue, sadly, is more a political one than 
technical at this point.


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