[OpenIndiana-discuss] USB boot Sometimes?

Edward Ned Harvey (openindiana) openindiana at nedharvey.com
Fri Mar 28 15:35:44 UTC 2014

I installed oi server to an old slow 4G usb thumb drive as a test, just to see if it's possible.  It worked fine; it's just slow as hell.  So I bought a pair of 32GB usb3 fast devices, and installed oi to one of them...  But grub fails.  It just boots up to a grub menu and stops there.

So I thought maybe I need to upgrade my bios...  Upgraded, no effect.  So I thought maybe there's a device size limit that I'm exceeding...  So I hooked up an external USB 80GB hard drive.  I installed to the USB 80G and booted just fine.

Something smaller works.  Something bigger works.  The only thing that *doesn't* work is the thing I care about.  Can anybody shed any light?

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