[OpenIndiana-discuss] rpool mirror moving to another ports

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 06:41:59 UTC 2014

On 11/ 3/14 07:55 PM, Brogyányi József wrote:
> Hi
> I'd like to add a SSD to my pool but I need to move the rpool mirror. 
> I have sata2 and sata3 ports. Of course rpool mirror occupied the 
> sata3 ports.
> Do I need to issue any command before I move the rpool mirror?
> I'll try to start only one rpool drive on the new port then switch it 
> off when it's working. Add the second drive to rpool and I'll waiting 
> for the miracle when it boot again.
> Is it working for me or I have to build up again the mirror?
> BR
> Brogyi
ZFS does not care at what port disks are pugged in and in what order.
If multiple pools are using more disks they would all be found and 
working on any ooperating system with ZFS support (definition is on 
disks themselves and not in the OS)

Only thing is to choose on motherboard where to boot from.
When one adds second disk/partition to rpool, it is added as mirror and 
that's it.

As I understand you wanted to migrate rpool to SSD and then when it is 
done, to switch off HD and continue using SSD as rpool. Don't see why 
not it would work just like that.
One can also use SSDs as caching device for larger pools, but that's 
another topic.

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