[OpenIndiana-discuss] rpool mirror moving to another ports

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 13:14:38 UTC 2014

On 11/ 4/14 12:01 PM, Jim Klimov wrote:
> 4 ноября 2014 г. 7:41:59 CET, "Nikola M." <minikola at gmail.com> пишет:
>> On 11/ 3/14 07:55 PM, Brogyányi József wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I'd like to add a SSD to my pool but I need to move the rpool mirror.
>> ZFS does not care at what port disks are pugged in and in what order.
> Zfs doesn't care. Generally. For rpools, the import routine cares - it gets the single-device name from grub via kernel arguments to mount the rootfs and doesn't (initially?) import the pool completely. Hence all the problem and voodoo about rpool migrations with help of livecd's, etc.
> On my laptop it was worse - no CD, and when the USB was plugged in, "sd" (sata+usb) enumeration was different than without USB. So I had to stick with IDE/cmdk as it was consistent.
Huh, there it is:

So it is a more of a process then I was expected.

How does it behaves anyway, if one installs on one disk and then adds 
second HD/SSD as mirror on rpool.,
if first disk fails or get removed, I would expect system to boot right 
away from second device that is on rpool?
So if one has mirrored rpool and boot device fails, it still needs to 
reroute device 2 in place of device1, to be able to boot from it?

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