[OpenIndiana-discuss] Bash bug issue

Bruce Lilly bruce.lilly at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 22:52:34 UTC 2014

On Tue, Nov 4, 2014 at 2:58 AM, Jim Klimov <jimklimov at cos.ru> wrote:

> >On Mon, 3 Nov 2014, Bruce Lilly wrote:
> >>
> >> As of this late date, /usr/bin/bash here is in fact the bash
> >executable,
> >> not a link; but that means that it's 32-bit only and might well
> [...]
> So most of the programs (thousands of binaries supplied with a sol10
> distro and extension discs) remained 32-bit only. A minority of the
> lrograms that were deemed to really need this (under 700? or even 100?)
> were dual-built and provided with the isaexec hack to pick the right binary
> at run-time depending on the running kernel (32/64).

One more note applicable to bash before I start a separate thread regarding
32-bit vs. 64 bit issues that aren't bash-specific:

# ls /bin/amd64/*sh /*/bin/amd64/*sh /*/*/bin/amd64/*sh | egrep -v














Evidently there are quite a few shells -- N.B. including bash -- where the
packagers seem to have decided there were issues warranting building and
packaging 64-bit versions.

I'll let somebody else figure out exactly why the recent updated version of
/usr/bin/bash trampled on the isaexec pointing to separate 32- and 64-bit
versions; I don't really care much about bash per se as I don't use it (for
reasons having to do with familiarity, usability, portability, and
reliability; before "shellshock" added security to that list).

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